How do I sign up to host with RightNow Media?

First, RightNow Media will need to confirm that your church is a RightNow subscriber prior to the free registration process. 

Step #1: Please fill out the form on Once RightNow verifies your information and the church subscription, they will share your contact information with the IF:Gathering team. 

Here is the information RightNow Media will need to know: 

- Church Name                          

- Church Address 

- Church Phone                             

- Church Website 

- Your Name                                            

- Your Email 

- Your Phone                                           

- Are you on staff or a decision maker in the church? 

If you are not on staff or a decision maker in the church, RightNow Media will encourage you to approach your church to see if they would like to support the event in any way. In addition, RightNow will notify your church so they are aware of this great opportunity to host IF:Gathering for free that benefits the women in their church. 

Step #1B (If Needed): If RightNow Media is unable to verify your information,972-560-4000 Once they collect or clarify the needed information, then the IF:Gathering team will proceed with registration. 

Step #2: Then the IF:Gathering team will contact you within 5 business days with the link to register for free and can answer any questions that you may have. The IF:Gathering team will provide you with a unique link that will allow you to register to host for free.