How much does it cost to host?

There are several changes to ticket pricing this year. As a host, we do not want the financial burden to fall on you! This year, you have two payment options: 

1. Pre-Pay 

You can pay for all of your attendees up front! This is helpful if you are either (1) looking to cover the cost of hosting for your attendees or (2) need to charge your own ticket price that includes meals, supplies, etc. You pay the $49 Host Fee for yourself and a low ticket price for your attendees. 

Number of Attendees Price Per Attendee*
1-24 $19
25-49 $18
50-74 $17
75-99 $16
100+ $15

*You can always add more attendees, but the price per attendee will be dependent on how many you’re adding to your event. For example, if you’d like to add 5 more attendees after your original purchase, the cost per attendee will be $19. 


2. Pay As You Go

You can opt for each attendee to pay their own ticket price as they register. When you register to host, you will get a unique URL with an event code that allows you to share with your invitees that allows them to sign up for your event. As the host, you will pay $49 for your Host Pass, and unlock a $10 promo code on all attendee ticketing. That means your attendees can participate for as little as $19.