If we are one large group that is planning on breaking up into homes, how should we register?

The difference between the two options is the group chat. There will be one group chat per event. That means if you register as one large event, you can break up and gather in person in homes, but there will be one collective group chat for all virtual attendees. If you want small group chats, then you will want to register each small group as an event. 

Don’t sign up as individuals - register church as one host site, and every attendee, whether watching from home or in a small group should register as attendees under that host site 

  • Even if a church is breaking up into homes, sign up as ONE event with individual home hosts 
    • Anyone who can’t meet in person can join virtually and be a part of the group chat
    • Every attendee will have an attendee profile and stream from wherever 
    • A host home doesn’t need a host account - the church will distribute the hosting items and resources (resources) 
    • There will be one group chat per event