How do Breakouts work?

At 8:15am CT on Saturday, March 6th, the Breakout Sessions will be live. You will be able to join your selected Breakout Session by clicking on the breakout session on the "Schedule" tab in your Host Account. If you are hosting an in-person event and are providing multiple rooms for viewing different breakout sessions, you can have each co-host select a specific breakout to view in a particular room. Be sure that these breakouts are selected ahead of time so that you are ready to start them first thing on Saturday morning. 

If you are hosting a virtual event, each attendee can choose her own Breakout Session in her Attendee Profile. 

Basic Pass holders has the ability to select to one Breakout Session to watch during the event. If they watch a Breakout Session at your in-person event, they can still watch another Breakout on their own at another point throughout the weekend. 

Hosts, Full Access, and Bonus Pass holders will be able to watch all Breakout Sessions through IF:2021 On Demand after March 22nd.