How will the timestamps work?

Once a session is complete, there will be a green button below the session that says “Timestamps” and you will be able to go to the page that lists all of the timestamps for that session. 

If we are in the middle of a live session, the scrubber doesn’t count from 0-90 minutes; it counts backwards from wherever we are in the live moment at that time. That means that you won’t be able to tell people to jump to a certain time because the time will be counting backwards from where we are live. If you're hosting virtually and wanting to direct your women to a particular moment in the session while we are still live, you'll want to tell them to drag the player until they see a particular moment, as timestamps won't be an option. 

If you start viewing the video once the session has ended, we will have the timestamps available that document when each element happens in the session, and the time will count upwards from 0-90 minutes. If you’re hosting delayed, we recommend beginning to view the session after the livestream has ended.