How much does it cost to host?

The Host Pass is $49 and you have options when paying for your attendees. 

1.Pay As You Go 

  • As a host, you also receive a discount code to share with your attendees so they receive $10 off of their individual ticket price. Individual ticket prices range from $29 - $49 without the discount.

2. Pre-Pay

  • Host pays a one-time upfront cost based on the number of attendees coming to your event

Why choose this option? 

  • We recommend the Pay One-Time option if you want to charge a ticket price for your event
  • This option also allows you to use your own registration system, as IF:Gathering will not be providing registration pages for IF:Local hosts this year. We will give you suggestions and tips for using your own registration site!     

Cost Per Attendee

100+ Women 75 - 99 Women 50 - 74 Women 25 - 49 Women 1 - 24 Women
$15 per person $16 per person $17 per person $18 per person $19 per person