How do Breakouts work?

At IF:2022, we will be offering several Breakout Sessions that all attendees can choose from in their Attendee Profile at 

As an In-Person Host, you have a few options: 

  • Various users can log-in throughout different rooms at your venue so that you can show a selection of breakouts sessions among the different rooms. Just be sure each individual has selected the breakout you want to show! 
  • You can pick just 1 breakout and show the 1 session to all of your attendees. 
  • OR you can encourage women to log-in to their individual profiles and watch their selected breakout at home on their own at another point in the weekend. 
  • Note: Your attendees will still have access to a breakout within their attendee profile, regardless of which breakout they watch at your event. That’s why we encourage them to register, even if they’re watching in-person, so they can watch their breakout later and choose to upgrade their Digital Pass. 

As a Virtual Host, here's what we suggest: 

  • Every attendee can select her own breakout and watch it on her own on Saturday morning. She will be able to watch until Monday, March 7th, at 11:59pm CT.