Can I register multiple home events with my RightNow Media church subscription?

Thanks for reaching out! We are so excited that your church is interested in hosting an IF:Local in 2022. 

With your RightNow Media subscription, your church will be able to host one large IF:Local event, or you can sign-up as multiple host sites under your one church subscription. 

The difference between the two options is the group chat. There will be one group chat per event. That means if you register as one large event, you can break up and gather in person in homes, but there will be one collective group chat for all attendees. If you would like small group chats, then you will want to register each small group as an event. 

It's up to you to decide if you would rather register as one large group or as multiple small groups, as you can submit multiple approvals through your one church under different host names.